The THREE SIDES OF KOP will be held for the eighth time between the 27th and 29th of August, 2021, under the aegis of the Belgrade-based Sports Association “Na sve strane”!

We’ve all had challenging and difficult days as a result of the unfavorable epidemiological situation, but there are new and more pleasant challenges ahead of us, as well as nature and great company! This summer, you can round out your stay on Kopaonik with a variety of outdoor activities, including a series of two-wheeled adventures.

There is no accounting for tastes, which is why we have a spot for everyone – whether you’re a recreational driver, a seasoned veteran, or a professional. THREE SIDES OF KOP are three trails that are categorized by mileage, morphology, and terrain difficulty, all offering beautiful landscapes and features, after which they got their names.


Have you heard of the White Bear? White Bear is one of the most famous tourist symbols of Kopaonik and has its own trail that is designed for recreational two wheel riders. It is 20 km long and after the race is over, it will leave you wanting for more! For more detailed information and registration, see here.


Jela is the queen of Kopaonik National Park and a real treat for the eyes, and for the head. If you have mastered the White Bear trail the previous year, then this year you should definitely choose the Jela trail! Jela is a 35km long trail and is a bit more challenging than White Bear. For more detailed information and registration, see here.


The Pančić trail, of course, is our most difficult trail that leads to the top! This is our marathon’s most challenging trail, and it clearly depicts the marathon’s name, THREE SIDES OF KOP. Through many climbs and spectacular descents, the race will take you to all three sides of Kopaonik. For more detailed information and registration, see here.

If you and your family are looking for an active holiday, we highly suggest this experience!

You may arrange scheduled transportation with the organizers, and we would be glad to host you.

For more detailed information and registration, see here.